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OzMobiles Pty Ltd
ABN: 27 152 120 673

PO BOX 33280

OzMobiles is 100% Australian owned and operated.  We specialise in the sale of cheap phones, new, used and refurbished, as well as a wide selection of mobile phone accessories. All of our mobile phones are sourced locally and come with an Australian warranty, and where possible a Manufacturers Warranty. Please check the listing with what each phone comes with as a Used Phone will be different to a New phone. We prefer to keep things simple - and let our prices do the talking :-) Customer service guaranteed Phones are mailed within 24 hours of purchase All our mobile phones are sourced locally and carry the Austel Approved A tick Secure PayPal transactions At OzMobiles we sell several different grades of phones, and these are clearly marked on the product listing.  Read below for further clarrification.

Our phones come in 4 conditions
These are brand new phones, exactly as you would buy from any store. We have personally checked every one of them to make sure they are in perfect condition. The stock is all sourced from Australia and comes with the standard warranty.
Ex Display
These are phones that for one reason or another have been used in display cases, or have just generally been out of their package at some point in time. They are in perfect condition without a mark on them. We sell them a little bit cheaper because they aren't brand new, but we assure you they are in perfect condition externally and internally.
When we source a second hand phone that is in terrific condition we sell it as a used phone. These are heavily discounted, but are in perfect working order. You may encounter some small scratches or discolouration of the body, but nothing significant. We've sold thousands of these over the years and rarely ever have a customer return it. If you are however unsatisifed, they are covered by our warranty and our no-fuss customer service team will sort it out for you immediately.
Our tech team are experts at refurbishing phones. When we source a second hand phone, we replace any part which is not in perfect condition. The replacement parts are the official parts from the manufacturer and we test them rigerously to ensure the quality is perfect. Like all our phones, these refurbished lines are covered with a full warranty.