Everyone in the house needs a smartphone. You, your partner and your kids all get something
subtly different out of being able to take the internet and a wide range of mobile apps wherever
you go. However, buying smartphones for the whole family can be an expensive proposition.
You need to find a financially savvy way of getting the whole family connected.

That’s where we come in!

We are specialists in getting affordable unlocked phones to people all over Australia at the very
best prices. We don’t sell phones, so much as make informed recommendations and let the
prices do the talking. Here are some of the best affordable smartphones for the whole family.

Samsung Galaxy S10- Click to View
Arguably the best affordable smartphone on the planet. Check out our range of new, used and
ex-demo Samsung Galaxy S10s. Check out the stunning AMOLED screen and pro-grade

iPhone 8- Click to View
You know it, you love it, the iPhone is arguably the quintessential smartphone. Whatever your
usage needs, the iPhone 8 is likely a great fit. And we have a wide selection to choose from.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus- Click to View
The S8 Plus has a large 6.2” display which makes it the perfect phone for viewing media or VR.
It’s a big phone with a small price tag!

iPhone X- Click to View
With a stunning super-retina OLED screen and next generation TrueDepth camera, the iPhone
X is perfect for budding photographers in your family. And we have a wide range to suit all

Why choose OzMobiles?

If you’re looking for affordable and reliable smartphones for the whole family, look no further
than OzMobiles. Each of our smartphones is locally sourced and rigorously tested by us for your
peace of mind. Our phones are factory unlocked and available for use on any network.
And don’t forget, our OzMobiles Warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee which bring you
even more peace of mind. Want more information about any of our phones? Please don’t
hesitate to get in touch.

Let OzMobiles get you connected!